Emily Nicole joins Etsy

I have been a crafter ever since I can remember. My favorite gifts for my birthdays or Christmas would be any DIY kits where I was to make my own beads for necklaces, painting sun-catchers of some mystical animals, or making homemade pot holders with my very own weaving loom.

My parents gave me an endless supply of crafts to finish (thanks Mom and Dad!) , thus EMILY NICOLE CREATIVE WAS BORN! With twenty more years of experience under my belt, my crafting craze has gone into full bloom again. This time, I have joined Etsy. Thanks to my loving boyfriend providing me with a craft room and Santa bringing me a Cricut for Christmas, I have been working with wood to create the ever so popular farmhouse decor. Chip and Johanna may have brought this style into the homes of millions via the television but I am ready to make tangible products for families to really enjoy.

You know that feeling of just being comfortable and feeling that warm fuzzy feeling when you are home? That is what farmhouse decor does for me. My mother, to this day, has dairy cows all over the kitchen as her take on a farmhouse theme. Just something about that rustic decor brings me to my roots and makes me feel something like I haven’t felt much in my life, the want and need to be home.

So please at least check out my shop and all I have to offer. This is really more a hobby for now, but if you know that feeling I’m describing I Hope Emily Nicole Creative can be a piece of that feeling too.


Welcome to the Beginning

Thanks for joining me for my first blog post! I had always wanted to start a central outlet to express my creativity and passion for crafting and style while still being able to show who I truly am. After years of being too afraid to start up what I had always envisioned, HERE I AM!

I am a 24 year old Beauty Manager at a Sephora inside JCPenney in Pennsylvania. I always wanted to go to school for fashion design, but my parents didn’t believe that was a career (could you blame them). So, I went to college as a chemistry major AND HATED IT! I was working part-time at SiJCP when I discovered my love for customer service and truly expressing who I am while helping others feel empowered and beautiful about themselves. I realized a career in beauty COULD exist and it wasn’t a magical job that someone stumbled upon once in a billion years.

I have been trying to work on evolving many of my other passions such as styling, photography, and going on spontaneous adventures into the mix of free time that is very rare and sacred while working a retail job.

THANK YOU for taking the time to follow my journey!

XO, EmilyE (2)